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A French touch for your special day. 

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With a backdrop of Sydney's most enchanting venues, our Garden Party weddings are more than ceremonies; they are immersive experiences, weaving nature's serenity into the very fabric of your celebration.

What sets our weddings apart is the infusion of a delightful French touch, both in the wedding atmosphere and the culinary journey. Imagine your guests savouring the richness of authentic French flavours, expertly curated to tantalise taste buds and create unforgettable memories. Each dish, a masterpiece; each moment, a story waiting to be told.

Your Garden Party wedding isn't just an event; it's a journey. A journey where love blossoms, where flavours dance, and where memories are painted in the hues of joy. Let us embark on this enchanting voyage with you, ensuring your wedding day is nothing short of perfection. Because at Garden Party, we don't just cater; we create love stories that are as beautiful and unique as you

Your Special Day. 

Catering is our passion; crafting dreams into reality is our expertise. At Garden Party, we excel in the art of curating exquisite weddings, ensuring every moment is etched in timeless elegance and love. 

Outdoor Wedding Venue


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Canapes & Buffet

Ideal for garden party or outdoor celebration in a more relaxed feel.

New Menu Coming Soon
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Seated menu 

A more traditional approach blended with a french touch to make this day, truly unique. 

New Menu Coming Soon
“We used their catering service for our wedding in in the Blue Mountains which was a great success. Great food, friendly & professional staff as well as a great attention to detail all the way through the event. Highly recommend for your next event."

Raphael V.

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