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Creating Memorable Moments, One Bite at a Time.

"Intimate gathering, a grand celebration, or a corporate event, Garden Party is your ultimate full-service catering partner. Let us craft unforgettable moments and more for your special day."

A StoryWith a French Twist

Step into the enchanting tale of Garden Party, a journey that started in 2017. Picture this: a quaint local restaurant named Le Grande Bouffe, nestled in the heart of Rozelle for 13 years, suddenly transforming under the inspired vision of its owner, David Poirier. With an innovative twist, David introduced a French Rotisserie, breathing new life into the culinary landscape.


Driven by a passion for creating unforgettable experiences, David's mission is clear: to offer seamless, memorable, and delightful services. Whether it's an intimate dinner party shared with loved ones within the comfort of your home or a grand spectacle, such as a corporate extravaganza or a wedding celebration for a hundred or more, Garden Party is here to weave magic into every moment.

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Catering and Event Packages

Discover our diverse catering and event packages, meticulously crafted for every occasion. Delight in exquisite menus featuring fresh, locally sourced produce and seasonal ingredients, infusing European flair into dishes like paella and French delicacies. Let Garden Party turn your event into a culinary celebration!

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Wedding Curation

Elevate Your Love Story: Introducing Our Wedding Curation Package

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Corporate with style

Ignite Success:

Explore Our Corporate Package Menu

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Catering & Event Menu

Celebrate Every Moment: Unveiling Our Full Menus and Packages For your Next Celebration.

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A Word From
Our Customers

I had Garden Party Catering come to my home for a special part of my 50th birthday celebrations. I cannot speak highly enough of David and his team. The professionalism, cuisine, friendliness and service was 6 star and I’m so thrilled - they made my night perfect and I highly recommend them for any event. Delicious food, amazing service.

Eleanor P.

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